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World Star Contracting

With three decades of experience, World Star contracting has a stellar record of proven construction projects across UAE. The company has proven its metal strength in ensuring our values are in conjunction with furitistic goals of the UAE. World Star Contracting manages and hires manpower and subcontractors for your company’s construction goals.


Revolutionize Realestate solutions with years of expert experience.

Pool of candidate

A vetted and extremely talented pool of candidates

Industry Experts

Years of experience, marking the core team.

What Worldstar do

Why choose World Star Contracting

Our pool of highly trained and vetted workers has expertise in their fields. We are the right fit for your projects - new or old renovation. And we will take care of your plumbing, roofing, painting, heating and air conditioning needs. Our expertise includes construction from basic building construction to complex structures. At World Star Contracting, we ensure that you get the right candidates for the right job. World Star Contracting for successful construction jobs! ● Cost-effectiveness ● Trained and skilled workforce ● Efficiently execution of the construction projects ● Experience and expertise in the execution of projects of all size and type ● Excellent track record ● High ethical standards

Fields of service

We provide manpower supply company in the field of


Oil & Gas

We have experience over three decades in the Oil & Gas industry. Our industrious manpower solutions are your answer for all your Oil & Gas needs across UAE.


Civil & Construction

With infrastructural support, our civil and construction unit has bespoke experts to cater to your building needs.



With at par resources, skilled manpower and growing supply of knowledge, World Star Manpower solutions cater to all your mechanical needs.



Our pioneering and world class technology allow your business to find reliable MEA solutions.

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Choose from sophisticated strategies, best in class and ISO certified. We provide efficient, excellent and industry best solutions.

Our Clients

Some Big names we work with

Established in 2009, World Star holding is currently established in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. We have delivered more than 1500 successful projects across our companies.

Established in 2016.Marmoom Manpower was established to accelerate the manpower revolution across the UAE.

Established in 2019. Your reputed property deserves high class maintenance. World Star Facilities management offers you the largest and versatile group of experts to look after your valuable assets.

Established in 2014 with three decades of experience, Ahibilia Oil Equipments has a stellar record of proven projects across UAE.

Established in 2021 by a group of experts who has a wide range of experience