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World Star Facilities management offers you the largest and versatile group of experts to look after your valuable assets. We emphasize on our management solutions to be versatile and dynamic to the needs of the clients.


Revolutionize Realestate solutions with years of expert experience.

Pool of candidate

A vetted and extremely talented pool of candidates

Industry Experts

Years of experience, marking the core team.

What Worldstar do

Why choose World Star facilities management ?

When you outsource from a single entity - your task becomes easier. We will simplify your needs by ensuring you have more time to do other tasks. Our administrative processes are simple, and we ensure that your business runs smoothly. The World Star Facilities Management team will ensure that the supply chain is transparent, with all costs accounted for and reported on a centralized management system. Making it easier for you to keep track of what you are spending and to be confident standards are being maintained.

Fields of service

We provide manpower supply company in the field of


Cleaning Services

We are thorough in our services. Our cleaning services are versatile and customizable. Now offering our clients the best of the deals.



World Star facilities management has earned an extraordinary reputation for successfully supplying talented hospitality executives in a broad range of top, medium and lower level roles in hotels, resorts, spas, clubs, casinos, restaurants, convention facilities, campus/university dining services, food service companies, and other areas of the hospitality industry.


Security Services

Leading company in providing security services, World Star offers you sound and sophisticated security services for your everyday needs.

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Choose from sophisticated strategies, best in class and ISO certified. We provide efficient, excellent and industry best solutions.

Our Clients

Some Big names we work with

Established in 2009, World Star holding is currently established in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. We have delivered more than 1500 successful projects across our companies.

Established in 2016.Marmoom Manpower was established to accelerate the manpower revolution across the UAE.

Established in 2012. With three decades of experience, World Star contracting has a stellar record of proven construction projects across UAE.

Established in 2014 with three decades of experience, Ahibilia Oil Equipments has a stellar record of proven projects across UAE.

Established in 2021 by a group of experts who has a wide range of experience